Student Learning Expectations

The St. Philomene graduate will exhibit the following qualities:

Catholic Christian Who...

  • Actively prepares and participates in liturgical celebrations
  • Demonstrates knowledge of scriptures, Church teachings and traditions
  • Practices service and stewardship
  • Shows awareness and respect for all God's creation through care of the school community and global environment

Responsible Citizen Who...

  • Explores, articulates and celebrates the customs and heritage of our multicultural community
  • Works and interacts cooperatively, demonstrating tolerance, respect and fairness
  • Understands the basic responsibilities of a citizen
  • Participates in school and community events

Academically Prepared Student Who...

  • Demonstrates basic skills and knowledge as defined by the diocesan curriculum standards
  • Reads, writes and verbalizes effectively
  • Uses and applies current technology

Life-Long Learner Who...

  • Assesses their own strengths and areas for improvement
  • Applies organizational, research and study skills
  • Practices problem solving and demonstrates critical thinking
  • Practices good health and hygiene habits