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Faculty and Staff


Mrs. Kerri Bray-Smith
Mrs. Kerri Bray-Smith Principal
Ms. Christina Parks
Ms. Christina Parks Administrative Lead
Ms. Vicky Gonzalez
Ms. Vicky Gonzalez Administrative Asst.
Father Francisco Velazquez
Father Francisco Velazquez Pastor

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Raquel Riegos
Mrs. Raquel Riegos Trans. Kindergarten
Ms. Iliana Fraga
Ms. Iliana Fraga Kindergarten
Mr. James Dickinson
Mr. James Dickinson First Grade
Sister Lupita Quezada, SJS
Sister Lupita Quezada, SJS Second Grade
Mrs. Christina Parks
Mrs. Christina Parks Third Grade
Mrs. Vanessa Michel
Mrs. Vanessa Michel Fourth Grade
Ms. Laurie Root
Ms. Laurie Root Fifth Grade
Mr. Kevin Niles
Mr. Kevin Niles Sixth Grade
Ms. Julia Hammer
Ms. Julia Hammer Seventh Grade
Ms. Suzanne Smoley
Ms. Suzanne Smoley Eighth Grade
Ms. Catherine Dayton
Ms. Catherine Dayton Middle School Religion, Music and Fine Arts
Mrs. Raquel Riegos
Mrs. Raquel Riegos Resource Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Pope
Mrs. Jennifer Pope PE Teacher
Mrs. Paola Vargas
Mrs. Paola Vargas Athletic Director

Support Staff

Ms. Susan Stewart
Ms. Susan Stewart Extended Day Coordinator
Mr. Casey McDole
Mr. Casey McDole Plant Manager
Mrs. Yasmin Castellanos
Mrs. Yasmin Castellanos DLI Support/Advancement Director

Standards for all school workers