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Faith Foundation

St. Philomene School integrates the Catholic faith into all aspects of school life. This Christian foundation presents itself in many ways:

  • Regular opportunities for the school community to experience prayer and the Sacraments.
  • Obvious and visible signs, sacramentals, traditions and rituals of the Catholic Church exist throughout the school.
  • Authentic Catholic teachings, which include a curriculum infused with Catholic values throughout the academic subjects.
  • Ongoing formation of teachers for catechetical and instructional competencies.
  • Emphasis on partnership with parents―as the primary educators of their children― with fundamental concern in their spiritual and academic education.
  • Service-orientation fostered among students.
  • All staff members are actively engaged and committed to bringing the Gospel into the total educational experience.

Catholic Identity factors for measuring the integration of faith life into the entire program as defined by the Western Catholic Educational Association.